About us

Our main concern is to bring others value

We bring value to patients with unmet medical needs by providing the right medicine in a timely manner.

We bring value to the medical professionals, who are able to treat their patients with medication that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

We bring value to our partners in the pharmaceutical industry, who are able to conduct clinical trials against the right comparator products.

We bring value to our medicine providers around the world, who are able to make their products available to patients in countries, where they do not market those products.

We do this on a foundation of values of our own.

Our set of values

Professional competency
Take pride in doing things well

Say one’s opinion

Focused on improvement

Dedicated to responsibilities


Working with unlicensed medicine, securing a high level of quality in all our processes is important. That is why our quality assurance processes are a systematic and integrated part of our workday – making sure that the right medicine goes to the right customer.


Specific Pharma  are issued the Danish Health and Medicines Authority based on the Danish Act.

Specific Pharma’s Wholesale Dealer’s Authorisation regarding Medicinal Products within EC/EEA and Manufacturing and Importation Authorisation are issued the Danish Health and Medicines Authority based on the Danish Act.

Specific Pharma is a subsidiary of Nomeco A/S and all warehouse and distribution activities are outsourced to Nomeco.

Please find a copy of Nomeco’s key authorisations here.


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